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Panoral X-ray Institute was established in 1984 by the Arendt family, veterans of Beersheba, to meet the needs of dentists and dental clinics in the south. Today the X-ray Institute is managed by Oriana Grinshpoon who operates and promotes the Institute for over 25 years.

Panoral X-ray Institute is a veteran x-ray institute and largest in the south. It is licensed and works under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and operates three x-ray rooms, with a variety of x- ray devices for teeth, jaw, sinus and TMJ (Jaw Joints) along with dental CT (processed with a high level of accuracy by an x-ray specialist doctor).

All the professional knowledge and experience was acquired through direct training given by Europe’s leading x-ray manufacturing companies, and was implemented to the welfare of the patients and dentists. Panoral X-ray institute has strict disinfection procedures to protect staff and customers against the transmission of diseases including HIV and hepatitis.

The Institute has an arrangement with all dental insurance companies (Dikla, Harel, Migdal, Menora, Clal, Phoenix). Among our customers are the Defense Ministry, Soroka Hospital and Health clinics. Using the most modern equipment, our institute prints quality professional photos with maximum resolution and minimum radiation, while ensuring courteous and fair service to all patients.

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