Cephalometric X-Ray Side / Front (LAT / PA)

What is a Cephalometric X-Ray?
Cephalometric photo is a profile photo of the skull, jaws and teeth showing the closure of the teeth and a profile of the soft tissues.

What does Cephalometric show?
Most often used by orthodontists, for the purpose of preparing a treatment plan for teeth straightening, this photo allows the reflection of the teeth, jaws, and soft tissues in the mouth area. The photography is done in several directions of the skull from different angles

  • Side LAT

  • Front / Rear PA

How is Cephalometric X-Ray done?
This photo is taken without inserting photo equipment into the oral cavity, using a digital sensor that moves in an external scan for about 20 seconds continuously from the side of the patient's head, the benefits of the photo lie in the vast information produced about the area.

Diagnostic Facial Images & Teeth

What is Facial Images & Teeth?
Facial and dental images required by doctors for the purpose of documenting an existing condition in a number of cases during teeth straightening, before aesthetic treatment and prosthetic treatment.

What does Facial Images & Teeth show?
The photo shows a series of about 12 face and tooth photos. Front view, profile, 45 degrees, teeth closure in closed lip positions, at rest and with a smile.

How is Facial Images & Teeth done?
The photo is not an X-ray and is taken using a digital photo camera, with the addition of a flash and a professional photo lens that are adapted for photography inside the oral cavity. The dental photographs are performed through special mirrors that allow you to enter and photograph the teeth inside the oral cavity.

Computerized Drawing & Analysis

The analysis is performed using cephalometric photography by special software, for the purpose of planning for orthodontic treatments. Using the software, computerized imaging of tooth density, tooth angles, tooth closure and more is built. With respect to the structure of the skull that helps the dentist to focus and get maximum accuracy in the orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Model

What is an Orthodontic Model?
It is a  model of the Jaws & Teeth - Upper & Lower.

What does an Orthodontic Model show?
The model presents and documents the existing condition of the jaws and teeth.

How is Orthodontic Modelling done?
The casts are taken by the attending physician and model is done by a laboratory specializing in the orthodontic field.

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