Why it is important to do Dental X-Ray?

Dental photography is used by dentists to diagnose an array of problems in the teeth and jaws, such as: the formation of tooth decay and cracks, gingivitis, and visible and hidden tooth growth such as wisdom teeth to loss of bone mass, fractures and tumors in the jaws.

Dental photographs allow the attending physician to have a detailed look into the oral cavity, showing information about the teeth and jaws which is hidden to the eye Thus allowing the physician to plan in detail the course of treatment required, such as prosthetics (crowns), root canals, gum surgeries (root allocation), dental implants and Orthodontic treatment design for teeth straightening. What's more, dental photographs help to uniquely identify people and are widely used by forensic laboratories and various security bodies.

I. Why is an X-ray needed for teeth?
In order to give you the most accurate and dedicated treatment, the dentist uses dental photography to diagnose and detect medical problems in your mouth and teeth. This allows your dentist to explain to you your medical condition and treatment options, thus increasing communication and trust between you, the patient, and your doctor and his clinical staff.

II. Who can refer you for an X-ray?
Only a doctor may refer you for an X-ray and classify the photo that is right for you from the variety of photographs. Please note: X-rays are varied and must be adapted to the medical treatments and according to the requirement of the attending physician!

III. What does an X-ray show?
X-rays show tooth decay in and between the teeth or under the fillings, crowns and bridges, an abscess at the root of the tooth, trapped teeth, bone retraction in gum disease, surgical treatment, and the options for assembling bridges and / or implants..

IV. Photographs for orthodontic treatments
And do not forget our children, a special ward with state-of-the-art equipment for X-rays, facial and dental images and computerized analyzes to provide all the medical information to the orthodontist for orthodontics. Also, address the cosmetic and aesthetic problems of the teeth and face, solve the breathing problems, speech disorders and proper chewing of food.

V. Copying X-rays
We have equipment for copying X-rays, copying is done with the approval of the attending physician.

VI. Department of Digital Photography
You can receive all types of photographs - on a CD (CD) and / or transfer them in the advanced, easy and fast way on websites and / or by e-mail and for the purpose of saving them for the purpose of comparison in the future.

VII. Dental Imaging Department CT & CBCT
The photographs are taken for the purpose of: implants, trapped tooth, endo, sinus lift and diagnosis of other findings, the photographs are processed and deciphered by a doctor of radiology who has been trained and certified by the "Dental Health" department at the Ministry of Health, with high quality and professional level.

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