Dental CT & CBCT

Dental CT is a comfortable, safe and fast X-Ray in the most accurate technique with the latest equipment in the field which presents high resolution, with a minimum of radiation and three-dimensional imaging of the anatomy of the jawbone, teeth and sinuses.

Benefits of CT:
BCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) computerized tomography uses conical beam technology, and shows the jaws and sinuses at different angles

  • Maxillary View

  • Coronal View

  • Sagittal View

  • Axial View

  • 3D View

Scanning in specific areas can be performed in order of minimizing patient radiation exposure unlike previous methods in the past. Allows shorter X-Ray times suitable for all patients including: elderly, children, and claustrophobic patients. CBCT is a tool with benefits for diagnosis in the endodontic field such as: root resorption, cracks and subroutine lesions

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We work in coordination and collaboration with laboratories that specialize in performing a brace or surgical models for implants.
Performing the CT scan takes about 20 seconds on an external scan.

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